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Complete home control and automation

Zipato Smartphone Control

remote control

control your home from a smartphone or any internet enabled device using a secure connection. it couldn't be simpler.

zipato alarm

better security

control your home from a smartphone or any internet enabled device using a secure connection. it couldn't be simpler.

Zipato Automation

easy automation

the ZIPATO rule creator

allows us to easily write

your automation scenarios and requirements. works everytime.

zipato automation

more comfort

with your ZIPATO home controller, your home dynamically adapts according to your personal needs.

it is your space.

Zipato CCTV

cctv integration

stay in touch with your home no matter where. fully integated into your home controller, you are able to constantly monitor your home.

zipato alerts

alerting 24/7

your controller can easily be customised to send any sort of notification to your mobile device and email. you will always be informed.

zipato monitoring

health care

the ZIPATO controller allows you to always keep an eye on your elderly and your children thereby facilitating comfort that everything is ok.

zipato energy saving

energy saving

ZIPATO allows you to analyse and optimise your energy consumption through carefull programmed energy efficiency scenarios.


With Zipato mobile app access on your iPhone™ or iPad™, you’re in the know, even when you’re on the go. You can also get Zipato wireless mobile access on your Blackberry™, or other web-enabled mobile device. You can arm or disarm your alarm system, receive text and video alerts from your home, view real-time video, adjust lights or thermostats and more.


With Zipato you’ll be able to easily see the status of your home’s security, receive text and video alerts of events at home, arm or disarm your alarm, monitor doors, windows and motion sensors, view live video via security cameras, and adjust lights and temperature for comfort or energy-efficiency.

your smartphone just got smarter

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Touchscreen Features

Emergency: Allows you to send an immediate alarm to Zipato central monitoring station, indicating an emergency of a specific type—medical, fire, or police.


Arm: When your system is disarmed, the ARM button appears on your display. To arm the system, just touch the ARM button.


Settings: Displays a list of options you can set, including current time and your time zone, add or delete users or set the security passcode for users, system sounds and screen backgrounds.


Cameras: Displays a list of active cameras. Pick one to see live video feed for that camera.


Lights: Controls all your Zigbee or Z-wave enabled indoor or outdoor lights.


Night mode: Dims the screen when you turn off the lights.


Clock: Displays the current time.


News: Presents news headlines, pictures, and brief stories in a slideshow format.


Photos: Allows you to display photos from your Yahoo! flickr account in full-screen mode on the touchscreen.


Traffic: Provides a quick way for you to check traffic in your area. Uses Google Maps to display a map of your area with live traffic data.


Add multiple locations, such as office, airport, school, and home..


Weather: Displays the current weather conditions and a five-day forecast. Add and view multiple weather reports by entering the zip codes of the desired areas.


Scenes: Save your light and shading status and call it whenever you want by just click of the scene button.

my clever home automation

home control from anywhere

Tablet / Touchpanel

get in touch with your home

zipato melbourne

Conveniently control all lights connected to your system with a touch of a button Know at a glance the security status of your home.


Arm/disarm your system quickly with a touch of a button. Zipato 24/7 burglary, fire, and carbon monoxide monitoring will help you protect your home



Help save energy and money by adjusting lights that are connected to your system. Watch secure, real-time video from monitored areas of your home. You can even see who’s at your front door from without actually going to the door. Access your web photo account to use your touchscreen as a digital photo album. Check instant weather, traffic, sports, news and more.


ZIPATO Worldwide

zipato worldwide

and a whole lot more...