Complete home control and automation

An alarm. A CCTV system. A home automation controller. And a whole lot more.

Zipato Smartphone Control

remote control

control your home from a smartphone or any internet enabled device using a secure connection. it couldn't be simpler.

zipato alarm

better security

control your home from a smartphone or any internet enabled device using a secure connection. it couldn't be simpler.

Zipato Automation

easy automation

the HomeSeer Event Scripter

allows us to easily write

your automation scenarios and requirements. works everytime.

zipato automation

more comfort

with your HomeSeer controller, your home dynamically adapts according to your personal needs.

it is your space.

Zipato CCTV

cctv integration

stay in touch with your home no matter where. fully integated into your home controller, you are able to constantly monitor your home.

zipato monitoring

health care

the HomeSeer controller allows you to always keep an eye on your elderly and your children thereby facilitating comfort that everything is ok.

zipato alerts

alerting 24/7

your controller can easily be customised to send any sort of notification to your mobile device and email. you will always be informed.

zipato energy saving

energy saving

HomeSeer allows you to analyse and optimise your energy consumption through carefull programmed energy efficiency scenarios.


home control from anywhere

Your Home is Always Within Reach!

get in touch with your home

Our mobile app gives you complete control of your home from anywhere in the world. Simply download our free HSTouch app to the Android or Apple mobile device of your choice, link it to your free "MyHS" remote access account and you'll be able to monitor and control your home from anywhere with any WiFi or cellular data connection. 

Need more flexibility? Let us know so that we can create and design your own interface using custom graphics and designs for a small fee! So that you can truly have your own unique system!

With HSTouch mobile app access on your iPhone™ or iPad™, you’re in the know, even when you’re on the go. You can also get HSTouch wireless mobile access on your iOS™, or android / windows based mobile device. You can arm or disarm your alarm system, receive text and video alerts from your home, view real-time video, adjust lights or thermostats and more.


With HomeSeer you’ll be able to easily see the status of your home’s security, receive text and video alerts of events at home, arm or disarm your alarm, monitor doors, windows and motion sensors, view live video via security cameras, and adjust lights and temperature for comfort or energy-efficiency.

Conveniently control all lights connected to your system with a touch of a button Know at a glance the security status of your home.


Arm/disarm your system quickly with a touch of a button. HomeSeer can do 24/7 burglary, fire, and carbon monoxide monitoring which will help you protect your home


Help save energy and money by adjusting lights that are connected to your system. Watch secure, real-time video from monitored areas of your home. You can even see who’s at your front door from without actually going to the door. Access your web photo account to use your touchscreen as a digital photo album. Check instant weather, traffic, sports, news and more.

A Controller for Every Need & Budget! 

easy, yet powerful way to automate things

Other companies offer a "one-size-fits-all" approach to home automation.  At HomeSeer, we understand that needs and budgets can vary quite a bit from one person to the next.  That's why we offer a complete line of controllers starting at prices you wouldn't believe!



You deserve it

With HomeSeer you can remotely control and automate lighting, heating, air-conditioning, shades, home appliances, curtains, irrigation, home entertainment… just about everything in your home. You can easily automate your home to improve comfort, usability and even save energy

The Hometrollers - the heart of the system

Connect everything –  the HS3 is the software which runs inside every Hometroller. Supporting all popular automation standards, HS3 will connect all devices and manage them locally.

On the road, from your office or while lying on a tropical beach, you can control your home anywhere. You can have complete control of your house from the screen of your PC, smartphone or any other internet-enabled device.

  • Control lights based on time & occupancy!

  • Control thermostats based on schedules & occupancy!

  • Ensure entry doors are closed & locked remotely!

  • Monitor video cameras with your phone or tablet!

  • Automatically shut off water when leaks are detected!

  • Keep tabs on your secondary home or rental property!

  • Receive spoken alerts, announcements & reminders!

  • Control energy costs based on usage and projections!

  • Control and program your home by voice!

  • Ensure garage doors are locked before bedtime!

  • Control audio & video equipment around your home!

  • Detect vehicles entering or leaving your driveway!

  • Customize your smartphone or tablet screens

  • Completely power down audio & video equipment and other appliances at night or when not in use!

and a whole lot more...

HS Touch - complete control anywhere, anytime

the Ferrari of all Z-Wave automation controllers

Unleash the full power of the HomeSeer platform with the most powerful z-wave automation controller in the world

HomeSeer Architecture.

Complete automation platform including local controllers, cloud servers, user and admin applications that all work together seamlessly.